Ant Audio gadgets are designed to be compatible with all working operating systems i.e. there is no software program constraint in terms of devising compatibility.

But, concerning bodily constraints, gadgets that don’t encompass an audio jack will no longer have the ability to connect to our wired earphones/headphones. Likewise, devices that don’t have Bluetooth connectivity will no longer be compatible with our wireless devices.

All models have exclusive battery sizes. For this reason, every model will require a specific amount of time to get charged completely. However, it’s a safe rule of thumb that a two-hour rate via the USB port is generally sufficient.

For more targeted information, you can confer with the product manual inside the package deal of your Ant Audio product.

We’d strongly urge you that you don’t use your cellphone’s adapter to charge your Ant Audio device. The batteries in ant audio devices are not designed to perform at voltages as excessive as the output from a smartphone’s adapter. Doing so can cause everlasting degradation to battery life.

All Ant Audio devices have different audio drivers that consume power in different ways. Headphones have large drivers that consume greater electricity and earphones include smaller drivers that devour lesser energy.

For example, the Wave Sports 450 earphones are capable of playing songs on complete quantity for 12 hours non-stop.

For extra information, you can visit the product information on our products page or take a short trip of our product guide that comes at the side of your ant audio product. You will get the best answers to your questions.

All Ant Audio products include a warranty duration of 1 year from the acquisition of the product. Any form of bodily damage isn’t always included under the phrases of the guarantee. For greater info, you could comply with the ‘Warranty Terms and Conditions’ at the bottom of every product description.

You could easily claim a guarantee for production defects with the aid of registering at

Any defects in the goods that are an immediate result of manufacturing errors are protected under warranty.

Any change or physical harm to the product will immediately void all assurance at the product.

For extra info, please read the ‘terms of services’ record.


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