1. Warranty for any Ant Audio products may be denied if the following conditions are not full filled by the customer:
    • The mentioned warranty period of the product is expired.
    • Customer is unable to show a valid proof of purchase or invoice of the product.
    • The product is physically damaged or tampered.
    • Customer is unable to show the mandatory details that are mentioned on the Ant Audio RMA registration form.
    • The product was not purchased from an authorized Ant Audio dealer.
    • The product was not purchased in India as there is no international warranty for Ant Audio products.
  2. Registering your Ant Audio products on www.acrorma.com is mandatory. Failing to do so, the customer will not be able to avail any warranty from Ant Audio.
  3. If the product received happens to be damaged or defective, the customer must ship it back within 5 days of registering the RMA claim. If not done, the claim will be canceled, and it will have to be applied again.
  4. The RMA Support Team has the final right to decision for all the applied warranty claims for service, replacement and colour preferences (Depending upon the availability of stock).
  5. Please note that accessories included with a product are not covered under warranty.

Cancellation Policy

Ant Audio truly believes in helping its customers to the best extent and that’s why we have a hassle-freee cancelation policy.Under this policy:

  • The customer needs to cancel the product within 5 Hrs after purchase.
  • Any cancellation request will not be considered or accepted if the product has already been shipped.
  • Any cancellation request will not be considered or accepted for products ordered on special occasions (Cancellation for these products is not possible as they are limited time offers).

Refund Policy

Ant Audio provides refund for its products as well but only under the following circumstances:

  • If the product delivery is taking more time than committed i.e. 25 days from the date of purchase, the customer is eligible to cancel the order and claim a full refund. All the refunds are processed within 14 working days. However, situations such as natural calamities, delay due to logistics partners, unavailability of the customer, remote location etc. are considered as exceptions and no refund will be processed under such circumstances.
  • Ant Audio is not liable for any delay in refund as there can be various factors that can cause these delays such as issues from the bank’s side, calamities or national holidays.
  • Sometimes the amount may be refunded after deducting the bank and delivery charges.

Replacement Policy

An Ant Audio product will be replaced only under the following circumstances:

  • If the product is different from what you are shown on the website or the specifications are different or there are some manufacturing defects, the customer needs to notify the Ant Audio customer service within 24 hours of receiving the product. The customer service team will look into your matter and will take the required decision.
  • If a product is having 1 year of invoice date, it will be replaced as per the nature of the issue. But, if the issue is minor, it will not be replaced, and will be sent for repair instead. You will get your product within the given period of time.
  • The product will not be replaced on the basis of a customer not liking it or not happy with a defect free product. Replacement will also be denied if the product was intentionally damaged by the customer.

    NOTE: Refurbished parts or components can be used by Ant Audio to repair or replace a defective product.

Product Pricing

  • Prices listed for each product mentioned on the website are up to date. Prices of all products are listed very carefully but there are possibilities of pricing errors. Ant Audio can cancel an order in case a transaction was done for a product that doesn’t show correct pricing. Given the rarity of such events, Ant Audio will refund any amount received from the customer.
  • Ant Audio reserves the right to change the prices of any product without any prior notice.
  • All the prices shown on antaudio.in are in Indian Rupees (INR). If international cards are used on the website for transactions, your bank’s applicable exchange rate charges might be applied to the transaction. This has nothing to do with Ant Audio and any disputes or issues related to exchange rates and bank charges are subject to the concerned bank or financial institution that issued your card.
  • All the orders are acknowledged at current pricing. The price will be mentioned on invoice at the time when we receive the payment.


  • All the transactions processed on antaudio.in are secured as the website is protected by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and Secure Data Encryption using a 1024-bit process. The transaction related information you enter will be sent in a Secure Socket Layer session and the information will be encrypted to protect your data from any third-parties or hackers. This process is followed by all the major online websites where a user processes payment in real-time. Ant Audio follows the same security practices to ensure complete security of our customers.
  • Our website doesn’t store any of your Credit Card or Debit Card information. This information is only taken by the payment gateway authorized by various banks and institutions and payment franchisees which is safe and important to process your transaction.
  • If you find any security threats or issues which are affecting any of our products, you can contact us at support@antaudio.in

Out of Stock Situations

Our aim is to make sure that all the products listed on our site are available for purchase in every location. However, there can be situations when the product couldn’t be delivered to you because of it being out of stock. In such cases, you will be contacted within 2 business days.

Delivery of Products

  • All Ant Audio products are shipped from our own or authorized third-party stores. We try our best to deliver the product to you withing 5-24 working days from the date of payment.
  • All the deliveries are done by our own staff or third-party courier and logistics companies or Postal Services usually between 10.30 am – 7 pm Monday –Saturday.
  • Once the product reaches to you, you need to sign the package. Ant Audio is not responsible for situations where the goods are signed by a different person at the same address other than the person who placed order.
  • The delivery addresses are provided by the customer during the time of transaction. We take no responsibility for incorrect addresses.
  • If the product delivered has any kind of damages, missing items or any other issues, all such claims need to be reported to the Ant Audio customer service on the same day when the delivery was done.

Delivery Charges

Delivery and handling charges depend upon various aspects such as packaging, size, volume, type and other factors. All the delivery charges will be clearly mentioned during the time of checkout and will be shown separately before processing your payment as and when applicable.


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