8th October 2018, New Delhi,

Ant Audio is proud to announce the latest addition of performance earphones in its line-up in India.

New Launch

About the Ant Audio THUMP 504 METAL STEREO


The Ant Audio THUMP 504 METAL STEREO EARPHONES is the latest addition to the Ant Audio portfolio of performance earphones. These new earphones are designed with simplicity in mind. These earphones are built to last and designed to perform. Simplicity in design is only achieved through an uncompromising motivation to create the perfect audio experience. The Ant Audio THUMP 504 METAL STEREO EARPHONES are a result of this effort. These earphones deliver a wide range of functional features while maintaining an elegant design.


Multifunction Key

Keeping true to our commitment to simplicity and utility, the multifunction key allows you to perform multiple operations using just a single key. This button is strategically placed right next to your microphone to provide a single point of interaction.

Smartphone Voice prompt
You can use your earphones to activate your Smartphone’s Voice prompt without having to pull your phone out of your pocket.

Flat Cable
Your Ant Audio also extends to when you’re not using your earphones. The Flat cable inhabits any tangling that may be caused while your store your earphones in a closed space.
The Ant Audio THUMP 504 METAL STEREO EARPHONES will be available for purchase exclusively on Amazon from 20th of July 2018.

MRP – Rs.999
Street Price – Rs.499

“The THUMP 504 is going to help us reach out to a wider music-loving audience. We have put a great amount of time and effort to build this product. We want to share our passion for Audio Engineering; and this is our way of doing so.”

Matthew M CEO, Ant Audio

About Ant Audio:

Ant Audio is a UK based audio solution provider that provides high-quality earphones and headphones at the best prices. Ant Audio has partnered with Acro Engineering Company for distribution, Marketing, and post-sales services in India.

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