1st March, 2019 Ant Audio, a UK based audio accessory manufacturer has entered into an exclusive partnership with the retailing major Landmark for their new TrebleX-1000 (Mini-Soundbar) speaker system. The unique new speaker system by Ant Audio will be available exclusively at Landmark stores in Chennai and Bangalore.

About the Treble X-1000 (Mini-Soundbar)

Convert any space and any place into an instant party with the Treble X-1000. This fiery red speaker can connect with up to 99 more TrebleX-1000 Speakers and comes equipped with 50mm X2 speakers to belt out heart-pumping beats or spread tranquillity with mellow tunes. With custom-designed artwork, that's modeled to bring life to any space within your work or home, the treble X-1000 stands out and blends in anywhere! It is literally, our piece of art for your home.

This product can play for 6 hours non-stop thanks to its massive 1500 mAh Battery which can be charged through a micro USB port. The Treble X-1000 while being an excellent Bluetooth device, can also be used to play through a Micro SD card, a USB drive and also through an AUX cable. This makes it a highly versatile device in its segment.

Highlight features include:

  • Dual Speaker setup for maximum Oomph.
  • Colorful design to add to your home rather than just blend into the surroundings.
  • 6 hours of play time, so taking them outdoor speaker as well.
  • The groundbreaking offer price will be: INR 2,499

“This partnership means a lot to us. Landmark choosing to go for an exclusive partnership stands as a testament for the confidence that they have in us. We will make the most of this opportunity and together we will work to bring forward an experience that every audiophile will enjoy.”

-Himanshu Jain, Ant Audio Spokesperson

About Ant Audio

Ant Audio is a UK-based company, focused on bringing high-performance audio equipment to the mass market. Music is an integral part of every individual’s life. Understanding this precisely, Ant Audio' steam works to ensure that our headphones and earphones complement your way of life. Ant Audio products let you take the most out of your audio experience without breaking the bank.

NOTE: All Ant Audio products are Imported, Distributed & amp; Marketed by Acro Engineering Company.

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