Headphones, earphones, and speakers are around us for a long time now and they have developed considerably over the years. When we have a huge variety of headphones, earphones, and speakers available in the market- there is always something for everyone and it might get a little confusing for one to choose the best audio device.

The criteria for picking the best earphones, headphones, or speakers are different for every individual.

Firstly, though headphones and earphones are the same in functioning but we often don’t realize the difference between them.

Headphones are specially designed to work around the head and the earphones are used by inserting them in the ear canal.

Choosing the best earphone, headphone or speakers is primarily based on a few of the things given below:

The type of music you listen the most.

You listen to the music at home or on the go.

You are looking to buy perfect speakers to enhance either your workout sessions at gym or your parties.

Depending on your needs, buying the best earphones, headphones, or speakers may not be as smooth as it seems. Fortunately, you are in the right place to reduce your efforts for the same.

With wide range of products available in the market, you can buy the best and that depends on your taste and need. If you like to listen to loud rock music or trippy EDM tunes, headphones would be better as most people 20-25% louder on headphones or earphones than they would on speakers. If you are looking to purchase some music device for your workout sessions, you can buy a pair of speakers and enjoy motivational music, seamlessly. In conclusion, earphones are the best for music on the go. Headphones are suggested to be picked if you prefer music, style and loud music. Last but not the least, speakers are for those who love music with powerful bass, surrounding sound and exotic appearance.

Luckily, Ant Audio is something that can help you out. Ant audio is one of the biggest names in the audio device market and provides a wide range of headphones, earphones, and speakers. From wired to wireless, Ant Audio has it all. Be it your party floor or your gym, Ant Audio has something for everyone.

For references, Ant Audio’s Rock 600 is the latest party speakers that come with great features to enhance your party experience. With powerful bass and wireless microphone for karaoke, Rock 600 will keep your dance floor moving. It looks fabulous with built-in LED lights.

If you want the earphone or headphone for gym, Ant Audio has some powerful wireless earphones like Wave Sports 535 and Wave sports 540. With noise reduction and HD audio features, Wave Sports 535 and Wave Sports 540 makes your mind with long lasting batteries. Wave sports 535 helps you manage calls, your phone and music with multi-tasking control button. Wave sports 540 is water resistant and can be connected with two phones simultaneously so that you can manage music and call from either of the devices.


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